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    I will try and put together a system with PSTN/ISDN/VOIP trunks
    [Using: mISDN drivers]

    Today I tried to install Elastix v1.2 with:

    [*]1 x Sangoma A200BR with 2xPSTN channels (1 module)
    [*]2 x ISDN cards with HFC chip (1xISDN port each)

    Installation of the Sangoma cards went smooth, just run setup-sangoma and everything is OK.
    But when I tried to install bristuff-0.4.0-RC3b the system broke down. (no worries, it's a test system)

    Is there an easier way to mix and match this configuration of a PBX system?

    Any suggestions and/or experiences is highly appreciated,

    EDIT1: Actions taken:

    1. Elastix v1.2 installation with no cards, OK
    2. Shutdown and insert one HFC card on a motherboard slot, OK
    3. Run mISDN scan shows one card present, OK
    4. Run mISDN config shows one card configured, OK
    5. Shutdown, insert HFC card two, power-on, OK
    6. Run mISDN config again shows two cards configured, mISDN.conf replaced, OK
    7. Shutdown, insert Sangoma card and power-on, OK
    8. Run setup-sangoma configures the card with two ports installed, OK
    9. The hardware-detection on the GUI quickly shows only the Sangoma card, OK then...
    10. Time for FreePBX configuration...

    How may I proceed with FreePBX trunks/inbound routes configuration?
    Suggestions always welcome:)

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