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    Hi, we've got an old trixbox 1.2.1 running well for the last couple of years.
    it has a tdm400 analogue card and a eicon diva server bri card.
    when i first installed it, i rember having a nightmare of a job getting the eicon card to run which ended up being a problem with root owning capi20 rather than asterisk.
    the steps i took to do the install were:

    1. build trixbox and get it running. ignore the diva to start with. make sure zaptel is running and no other errors
    2. load latest diva server drivers and configure. make sure your config is correct. there is a web based interface to help you if you need it.
    3. install chan_capi
    4. install isdn4linuxutils
    5. edit capi.conf to suit your needs
    6. here's the important part that finally worked for me (after months of trying)

    making sure capi20 was owned by asterisk instead of root (this bit i was missing)
    # chown asterisk:asterisk /etc/asterisk/capi20

    adding to modules.conf:



    load=>res_features.so (this bit i was missing AND wasn't documented anywhere)

    AND in the global section


    it then went and works like a dream.

    we want to change the pbx over to elastix 1.5 (when its released) as we've had great sucess and no trouble with elastix.

    the question is.....
    do i follow the same path above with elastix for the eicon?

    any pointers would be appreciated.
    thank you

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