Editing Elastix incomming routes trought MySQL

Discussion in 'General' started by adopilot, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. adopilot

    Oct 2, 2009
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    What I want to do is,

    I have set up Elastix and running well for now around two months.
    Now have We around 6000 record in cdr database.
    As we got only 2 DID numbers and around 15 extensions.
    All incoming call are distributed using IVR,
    Now I wondering is it possibility to for DID call which are frequently repeated
    I make incoming route trough MySQL, (MySQL-admin),
    I will like to do that because i have more then 100 combinations extension->DID and I do not want to do that over
    Mozilla or IE,
    I think that I am pretty good in TSQL commands and to I can make script for inserting records into tables of asterisk
    But I do not know is there any other locations (Such as XML files, data files) where asterisk and Elastix holding their
    settings and Will it work if I only made corrections in MySQL database.
  2. adopilot

    Oct 2, 2009
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    Ill answer my own question regarding if some else try to do something similar.

    Incoming routers can be edited, added using MySQL admin.
    I did inserted records into tables

    and after reloading PBX my incoming routes worked well.

    I am coming from MSSQL and ASP world all this thins with Linux, Mysql, PHP and others are new to me.
    As I learned more ill try to make my FreePBX module for tasks like I did.

    If someone have similar needs to fill up automatically incoming routes according to registered calls,
    Ill post TSQL scrips for doing that here.

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