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Discussion in 'General' started by zenny, Aug 2, 2010.

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    [Posting here because the comments under the thread (http://elastix.org/en/home/475-Elastix% ... unity.html) did not allow me to post this because it says the comment is too long !)

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    Dear Edgar:

    Nice reading your replies. Well thought and comprehensively answered!

    In the meantine, your own confession in the reply to Gotten Gore's last question that * (so is Elastix with *) is not made for thousands of concurrent calls, it is worth Elastix move to 2nd generation softswitch like FreeSwitch.

    In the wake of FreePBX 3.0 defaulting to Freeswitch (and Elastix is based on FrePBX itself), and user demands like that of Gotten Gore, it would be wiser choice to transition to a second generation FS eventhout it may be a bit cumbersome and tedious for a while in the beginning of transition.

    I use * in many boxes and it pisses me off several times. Sometimes I have to fix the same problem again and again which is not in accordance with *nix philosophy. * is so unstable on times, particularly when concurrent calls are handled.

    On the other hand I am testing a FS server and it is very less taxing on resources and is up for more than a year without any problem (during which I have to fix * several times).

    As one of the wellwishers of Elastix, switching to the softswitch rather than a PBX would be a wiser for future development of Elastix.

    Thanks! Gracias!!!

  2. rafael

    May 14, 2007
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    Hi Zenny,

    To work with FS instead of asterisk we need a lot of testing. So in the future maybe, but at the moment we are concetrated in Elastix 2.0



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