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  1. JW

    JW Guest

    I just converted my trixbox to elastix to give it a try.

    What configuration change do I need to make to allow my dyndns.org domain to be able to access the web configuration?

    I am able to register the phones through the dyndns.org domain but am only able to access the web configuration through my local (192.168.xxx.xxx) address.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. bshahil

    bshahil Guest

    You should give Static Ip to you elastix box.and then try ti acceess web configurationp gae by http://(ststic ip)/admin or user.what ever you want to login First to user or Admin.

  3. seants

    seants Guest


    If you are using a dynamic dns domain name, you should try to add this to sip.conf:
    externhost = home.mydomain.com
    externrefresh = 5
    (which means lookup hostname every 5 minutes to refresh ip adress)

    localnet = internal.network.address.0/ (put your LAN/Private NETWORK address of your Elastix server, this is NOT the IP address of the server!!!!)

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