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    May 18, 2008
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    Hello to you;

    Trying to get the Conference feature working which has not tutorial. I found another post here: ... tid=3#6994

    But that doesn't work either.

    It's great that you put this tutorial up but it doesn't work for the reason that I can't even see Custom Applications in the modules list of the unembedded FreePBX. Also, while trying to simply use Onbound Routes and forward to "custom-meetme3,s,1" it exits on line 3 which has to do with with exten => s,n,CBMysql(). The file name mentioned by you to be created is "cbmysql.conf" with lower case. I tried upper case but still it doesn't work. ALSO HOW TO YOU ACCESS THE WEBMEET3 GUI? DOES IT NOT HAVE TO BE INSTALLED FOR YOUR TUTORIAL TO WORK? HOW DO YOU INSTALL THAT?

    Thanks B)<br><br>Post edited by: torontob, at: 2008/05/19 05:59

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