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    Jan 16, 2008
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    Hi everybody,

    I have a question, but before i explain my problem and config:
    i have an elastix server with SIP phones, all on the local network (server + phones), connected to internet through a firewall/router with ports 5060 UDP and ports RTP (same than rtp.conf) redirected to Elastix server.
    I test to connect an external extension and it register on the Elastix server.
    So my question is :

    How can i disallow external extensions to register on the Elastix server ?

    If i change NAT=yes to NAT=no in each extension, it seems to do that i want but i would like to be sure it doesn't lock other functions of Elastix server or downgrade the voice quality during calls.

    Also, if i delete the 5060 port redirect from the router, the external extension cannot register but i'm not sure it is the good solution.

    Can someone has done the same thing on his installation and can give me an advice please ?

    Thanks a lot.

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