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Discussion in 'General' started by wesh, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. wesh

    Sep 17, 2010
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    Let me begin with the disclaimer that I am new to the administrative side of Elastix/FreePBX/Asterisk.

    The symptoms of the issue are as follows:
    1) Any DID's created using the FreePBX GUI, once saved, will replace whatever DID Number that was entered with " 350 ".
    2) If I create DID entries via the Elastix Embedded PBX GUI, they 'appear' to create fine, but nothing is updated in any of the extension*.conf files.
    3) Inbound calls all get a "this number is no longer in service" message from the PBX and then a rapid busy signal. Outbound calls work fine, and everything functions normally internally.

    This is a unit we're trying to get into production, but has not yet been deployed.
    What I believe is contributing to my issue is as follows:
    - On our previous Elastix 1.6 version, I ran a backup via FreePBX for everything available and saved to external storage (I had updated FreePBX to v
    - Installed Elastix 2.02 from scratch.
    - Restored backup from the FreePBX aspect to the what I recall was the which seemed to work ok with the exceptions that it did not bring over ring-groups, queues and virtual extensions; which was odd by my limited experience.
    - Once it was discovered that there was no ARI option in Elastix 2.0.x, I took the option of updating FreePBX to v 2.8 in order to get that feature.
    - Everything worked fine internally: queues, time conditions, extension to extension calling, VM, etc...
    - On the day we try to go live with the unit and Trunk it (SIP), everything works fine except inbound calls which receive the message as stated above; and when I go to check on the DID entries, instead of the expected Any/All DiD catchall which I use to pass calls to the IVR, it now listed as 350/All.
    - At this point, any DID entries I created via the FreePBX GUI would replace whatever DID number I enter with 350 upon saving. It would also modify the extensions.conf / [did-ext-0002] entry to include the 350 entries.
    -- I searched all the config files for any previous reference to an extension 350 (which at one time had been configure as a virtual extension for During Business Hours VM rollover, but did not exist any longer).
    -- I believe that something went awry on the restore process and that this 350 entry is from the SQL Db.

    Any and all input on this matter would be appreciated; additionally if there's a better area of the forum in which to post this as well please let me know.


    - Wesh
  2. dicko

    Oct 24, 2008
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    I have no idea, never seen anything like it, but:-

    There are essentially four places where provisioning is stored, a berkley db for asterisk, a set of mysql tables for FreePBX and a set of sqlite3 tables for Elastix, and anything you hand-carfted in the .conf files.

    for Mysql:

    mysqldump -u root -p`grep mysqlrootpwd /etc/elastix.conf |cut -d '=' -f2` asterisk > explorefreepbx

    for Asterisk:-

    rasterisk -x 'database show' > exploreasterisk

    and for the sqlite3:-

    for i in `ls /var/www/db/*.db`;do echo $i dumping --------------;sqlite3 $i .dump;done > exploreelastix

    for the handcrafted:

    for i in `ls /etc/asterisk/*custom*.conf`;do echo $i dumping ------------;cat $i ;done > exploremyefforts

    these three files explore* will give you a search-able (grep or whatever) set of text with which I hope you can find the errant 350, and give you a clue as to how to remove it.

    good luck.

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