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Discussion in 'Gateways' started by Ryan Carver, Aug 11, 2008.

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    Jun 26, 2008
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    I am having some hardware issues before even booting to Elastix. I have scoured the web for insight, but there is not much there. So, I will ask in an open forum...

    Mobo: D201GLY2A --> changed to passive to make it 1U Compatible
    RAM: Crucial 2Gb 256Mx64 DDR2-PC5300
    Power: 200W Power Supply
    FXO: X100P.com single-port FXO Card

    When I put the FXO card in the server, it will not POST. Remove it, it POSTs fine. X100P.com tech support (In Hong Kong) say that either my MOBO or PS are not providing enough power to run the card. I have a 200W Power Supply! Other PCI Cards (tested AirLink 802.11g card) allow the server to boot fine.

    - Has anyone tried this?
    - Will a D201GLY2 boot with a X100P card from X100P.com?
    - Is tech support at X100P.com wrong? - This setup should work fine.


    Ryan Carver-

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