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    Aug 6, 2010
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    I am running an Elastix Server to host a few corporate customers and i would like to give them access to the Elastix web GUI by creating limited "administrators" users that could check the CDRs, Voicemails and call Monitoring files for the group of extensions I have created for them. For instance, let's say I have created 10 extensions for the customer "Company ABC" (ext 8000 through ext 8009).

    I would like an admin user for "Company ABC" able to see all voicemails, CDRs and monitoring calls -ONLY- for extensions 8000-8009 and not the rest. How can I do that? Elastix forces you to assign a particular extension for the users you create and will just show CDRs, voicemails and monitoring for that specific extension.

    Is there any manual tweak / workaround on the sqlite databases of Elastix for this case?

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