Connecting an ext (from another PBX) To elastix

Discussion in 'General' started by jlarge, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. jlarge

    Apr 2, 2011
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    Hello There!
    I'm new on Elastix world..
    I'm just trying to create/configure a Call center on my college..
    I just need 6 agents..

    I was trying to create a new pbx with elastix, and i would like to do that... but

    My teacher told me that it is neccesary to use the OLD PBX, "Siemens HIPATCH 3750" and connect 6 extenssions from that PBX, to my new ELASTIX PBX.... Can I Do That?

    (They don't want to change actual PBX now)
    (Is it neccesary to configure an Elastix PBX if i want to use Elastix Call Center Module? )

    I mean, for example...

    There are 200 extenssions on my college coming from "SIEMENS HITPACH 3750",... there is just one telephone number with E1 Channel Service(30 CHANNELS) connected to the pbx ...

    i just need to use 6/200 extensions to the new call center...

    can i configure those 6 extenssions from one pbx (Siemens Hipatch 3750).. to a new Elastix PBX??? if the answer is "Yes". How could i do that?

    PD: Sorry for the english... I'm Learning English... and Sorry if the Question is weird..

    Thank you...

    Soy nuevo en el mundo de elastix..
    estoy tratando de crear un call center sencillo para mi universidad con 6 agentes maximo.

    mi profesor me comentó que debia utilizar 6 extensiones de la actual PBX "Siemens Hipacth 3750"... ya que solo ingresa una linea a la actual pbx, claro, con acceso a canal e1(30 canales)....entonces mi pregunta es....

    Para tener un Call center en elastix necesito configurar la pbx elastix?.. si es asi, puedo configurar una nueva pbx en elastix a la cual le lleguen como lineas, las 6 extensiones de la pbx vieja mencionada? se puede? como lo haria?

    (no desean migrar la actual pbx de toda la universidad ahorita)

    perdonen si la pregunta es extraña.. espero me colaboren

    Muchos Saludos
  2. mbit

    Jul 4, 2007
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    It would be best to setup Elastix with a dual port E1 card. Then you cn connect the ISDN carrier to the elastix machine and the Siemens to the Elastix machine also. In Elastix then you can control how all the calls are routed. You will also be able to add as many extensions on the elastix as youd like.
  3. jgutierrez

    Feb 28, 2008
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    Using this approach, when a call comes in from your siemens, you will forward it to your Elastix, lets say, if on the siemens IVR there is an option for callcenter, it will be forwarded to Elastix, and from there on, you will be able to do anything with that call.

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