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    Hi all

    I am trying to establish communication between the Elastix sip extensions and extensions of Panasonic TDA 100, however we have not, here are details of the scenario

    Ok, the Persian paransonic Panasonic says that it has to be a
    extension, the panasonic has 4 channels available on the card
    virtual, we did the following:

    1 - 4 extensions configured elastix
    2 - In the panasonic the configure each of these extensions in
    respective channels.


    That both Panasonic and Elastix PBX can be seen and that Hagn
    calls between them in a transparent manner, the design is as follows:

    Extensions 100 to 200 are in Panasonic
    The extensions 300 and 399 are in elastix and are SIP

    It means that any extension of the Panasonic (100-200) call
    Elastix extensions (300-399) and vice versa, this is comunciacion
    trasnparente quienre do so.

    In an Alcatel so we did and what was set up a SIP Trunk
    on Elastix and people Aclaltel configure your SIP and everything is OK,
    but this Panasonic is traumatic and there is a poor basis for
    knowledge with the Panasonic.

    Work Done: [/ b] were created four extensions, set up four SIP SIP trunk each name is the name of the extension, the people of Panasonic Panasonic configure each channel extension that took place in the Elastix , as Panasonic says it works only in this way, as extensions of elastix without however not bind channels.

    the SIP ocnfiguracion I have is:

    Trunk Name: 300 (this name is the extension that previously believed in the extension module)

    PEER Details
    context = from-pstn
    host =
    secret = 123456
    insecure = very
    qualify = yes
    type = friend
    disallow = all
    allow = ulaw & alaw

    USER Detail
    host =

    If they can drme a suggestion they are greatly appreciated.
  2. OeL037

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    hi i wonder if you still have the same problem?

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