Conference calls with VoIP and regular phones

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    I'm new to the forums.
    Nice to meet you!

    We're a happy Elastix user but have only been using it for outbound calls and office to office so far.

    Our current setup is

    VoIP Phone 1,2 etc. Office1 (US) -- Elastix*/VoIP provider -- Router -- DSL -- Internet -- T1 -- Router -- Asterix -- LAN -- VoIP Phone 1, 2 etc. Office2 (Germany)

    Our future setup (currently being migrated).

    External Elastix server location (US) -- Elastix*/VoIP provider -- Router -- T1 -- Internet -- T1 -- Router -- Asterix -- LAN -- VoIP Phone 1, 2 etc. Office2 (Germany)

    + Various employees with land lines and mobile phones.

    We would like to set up voice conferences without human interaction (expect for the conference attendees dialing in) by having the US employees (multiple, up to 10) dial the VoIP provider phone number that terminates at Elastix* and the German employees using the local Asterix setup or dialing the local German phone number that terminates at Asterix.

    Is that complex to set up? Is there a good tutorial/explanation available that takes us through the setup? Any specific chapters in
    'Elastix without Tears'? Specifically, it would be great if Elastix or Asterix (depending on the location of the caller) could be instructed remotely (by using a key combination after dialing the VoIP provider number) to dial somebody that needs to be placed in the conference.

    Any help is appreciated.



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