Concerted effort on a Universal Security scripts

Discussion in 'General' started by jammerz, Sep 7, 2009.

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    Sep 7, 2009
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    I made a post in security as I believe, not that its not wanted, rather there needs to be a concerted community effort for scripts or updates or both that can be regularly updated, our "PBX Shield" :) Wow...perhaps that's a start for an update / module name.


    My post:

    Elastix Universal Scripts for Securing the System
    I see a vibrant community with much help by Dicko and others, multiple threads on securing several general items, passwords, IP access, etc though am I missing a thread where someone is pulling all the security stuff together and perhaps scripting it like the pbxinaflash guys started doing a while back and at least ease the burden a bit.

    Elastix is a great product though I have always been concerned about the multiple manual efforts in securing it.

    I'm not a script guy but I will help. Anyone on the same page here as security seems to be a very high priority with other distros as I believe users are now seeing day to day with Elastix' Distro as well.... a great community product.

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