Comparison between different analog cards

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    Jul 20, 2009
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    Hello everyone.

    I am doing a study or documentation on the various analog phone card to make better technical and economic choice for achieving a PCBX. I have chosen 8 analog cards are:

    1. Zycoo.
    2. Uni-Ta.
    3. Rhino.
    4. Sangoma.
    5. Yeastar.
    6. OpenVox.
    7. Digium.
    8. Zapmicro.

    For ZapMicro, after some of that site map is the least expensive, and I still have not finished the documentation on it, because that is their official website down.
    Why I wanted to post this message on this forum?
    In fact that my documentation is based only on documentation of each manufacturer, but to enrich the documentation, you should seek the advice of experts or people who have tested one of these solutions.

    I ask everyone who works with one of these cards gave me their opinion, their comments on the product, price, delivery of the card knowing that I am in Morocco, for the solutions that I will work with, I try to choose between solutions that are free as Elastix, Trixbox, AsteriskNow ...

    And thank you in advance.

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