Cisco IP Phones via Wireless Bridge?

Discussion in 'IP Phones' started by Nic50, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Nic50

    Aug 18, 2010
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    I was wondering if anybody knew of a Wireless Bridge I could use to convert Cisco deskphones (7911, 7961, 7971) to Wireless via an access point, so that I did not have to run miles and miles of expensive and permanent ethernet cable through my building?

    Cisco has a device for its cheap Linksys IP phones called the WBP54G which is EXACTLY what I am after, however it only supports the 5 volt input DC's of the SPA series phones. Anyone know of a small device I could plug into the back of each 79XX phone to get it wireless that would accept the 48 volt DC's of Cisco CP series professional IP Phones?

    Anyone have any other ideas on how to accomplish this?

    The system needs to be set up next week, so I'm in a bit of a rush here. Any help will be greatly, greatly appreciated.



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