Change Router cause my peers all Go Down

Discussion in 'General' started by hdbs007, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. hdbs007

    Jul 5, 2009
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    Hello I´m having a big problem changing my router.I will try to explain what is hapening.
    I have a elastix working great on a VMware machine, but one weak ago I try to change to a better router then the problems starts.When I change the router to the new one (kepping all portfowards ,ip of the router, dhcp ...) the elastix runnig on the vmware get all peers down.When I try to go to asterisk CLI and I type sip show peers all of then apears (Unspecified) and Unmonitored, and I cant make any call even from extension to extension.
    I tought it was because a Vmware so I make a backup of all settings on elastix and make a new install on a real machine with the new router.
    It works but if I try to put the older router it happens the same.
    So my conclusion is somehow the elastix knows the router was changeed and then it goes unsane.
    The machine can ping to internet in both cases (with older router and the new one) but it just work with the router I have just make the instalation from the beginning, If I change it it wont work.
    Does anyone nows why or already have a similar problem.
    I doent understand how is possible the elastix machine see the router on a diferent way, since I´m keeping the same settings on router!!
    Could it be because of the arp table of elastix is still storing the older mac of the older router?
    Thats for your time
  2. danardf

    Dec 3, 2007
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    It's strange.

    Try to verify these points:
    • - Default gateway
      - Primary DNS
      - Secondary DNS

    Try to make a traceroute -p 5060 your_IP_operator and look at the result.

    You know that you must forward 5060 (UDP) and 10000-20000 (UDP), so Ok!

    Verify the file sip_nat.conf

    Else, maybe you have a firewall or an iptable!
  3. hdbs007

    Jul 5, 2009
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    Hi danardf thanks for reply.
    To answer to your tips I already have confirmed the gateway and the DNS server(all pointing to the router IP).Another test I have done was changing the ip of the older router and put it on the same network without dhcp and then just point the elastix no the new ip of the older one.It works that meaning that the problem isnt on changing gateways and DNS.
    Perhaps it have something about the arp
    when I type arp -e it shows me this ether 00:16:17:C7:30:10 C eth0 ether 00:21:29:0A:7F:F1 C eth0
    my.router ether 00:50:7F:37:89:D1 C eth0

    then when I change to the new router the arp command takes to much time and finaly it gives me this ether 00:21:29:0A:7F:F1 C eth0 ether 00:16:17:C7:30:10 C eth0 ether 00:22:B0:FA:8F:5C C eth0
    the new router ip is the and the older one is myrouter
    Some how the arp command takes more time to see thoses ips.
    with the older router the command just takes 1 second or less to show all that, with the new router it takes about 20 seconds!!!
    Could some one just for testing purposes try to change yours elastix to a new router and see what happen.This is my second time that this happens to my, to solve de problem I have to make a clean install on elastix machine and put it back again.Resuming if I want to put it working with a new router I have to format the elastix and reinstall it again.
  4. Patrick_elx

    Dec 14, 2008
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    are the two routers configured the same way?
    Does the new one have more NAT/PAT option or outbound access list?
    is the new one used as a dns proxy?
    did you clean the arp tables?

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