Jun 12, 2007
Celliax on Elastix?


To the Basics: What is Celliax
Celliax brings your personal cellular phone on VoIP via Asterisk, and let you make and receive Skype calls on your cellphone.
For a more technical exposition of what Celliax is and can do, visit the About Page.

* the Celliax Hardware Adapter wires a "base station" cellphone to your PC. You can use an old, or second hand, cellular phone as "base station" (it don't need any particular modern or fancy feature, a cellphone ten years old is a perfect "base station").
* Then, from your own personal cellular phone you call the "base station", and your call goes to the PC and the Internet.
* Like to be in front of the computer with headset and microphone, but you are somewhere else, and you talk to the Internet in your personal cellphone!
* And if you are away and someone calls you at your PC from the Net, the "base station" calls you on your personal cellphone and connects you, and you can talk to the Internet as if you were seated in front of your PC, with the beloved headset on you.
* Yes, it works with Skype, IAX, SIP, etc.
* Yes, Celliax is free (GPL) software
* Yes, you can then use Skypeout from your personal cellphone, if you like.
* Yes, you can then use your usual VoIP provider from your personal cellular phone, if you like.
* Yes, you can build yourself the Celliax Adapter for the "base station".
* Yes, you can also buy an industrial ready made Celliax Adapter for the "base station".
* How much cost to you the calls between your personal cellphone and the "base station" is up to which rate your Carrier apply to you. Many Carriers can give you special offers of two numbers (eg., your personal and the "base station" one) that talks each other for free, or at a very cheap rate. Or free minutes, or nightly special rates, etc.
* Anyway, from the "base station" to the Internet is free, just as you were seated in front the computer with headset and microphone.
* You just have to pay the call from your personal cellphone to the "base station" (or from the "base station" to your personal cellular phone, if you are receiving a call).
* Yes, if you have a Celliax system, and your friend have a Celliax too, you two can talk each other on your own personal cellular phones for the cheapest possible rate or for free (even if your friend happens to live at the other side of the world).
* Yes, you can do this with as many friends, relatives, collegues, etc you like, you can create your own "network"!.
* chan_celliax, the Celliax core software, is a channel driver for managing GSM and CDMA cellular phones with the Asterisk Free PBX.

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