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    Hi all. I don't post to often but I seem to spend my live looking at others solutions on here.
    The question that has me stumped is I can't connect any extensions to my elastix box. This is a virgin server that I have set up all the trunks, routes ect but when it comes to connecting a phone it does not work.

    I am trying to connect an SPA942 and it just comes up with 'No response'

    I also try to connect a remote extension and it says 'Failed400'.

    In the elastix Gui the endpoint manages see's all the phones and will setup and show green but nothing.

    I know the settings are correct on the phones as it is connected remotely to anther elastix server that uses the exact same extensions and trunks and it works fine, all i change it the IP/DNS the phone is pointing to but no joy.

    I also notice in the asterisk logs that the SIP trunks are timing out. I originally thought is was the ISP blocking some ports but they say they don't block any ports and the phones are curently connected to the remote server fine, the ISP will also not stop the phones connected locally. tThe router is a Draytec 2820n which is exactally the same as the remote's router and it seems to work fine as I have forwarded ports, IE 443 and others and this works 100%

    I am by no means an expert so any dumb dumb solutions would be good.

    Thanks in advance

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