can't call registering to local lan

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    Dec 2, 2009
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    Hi good afternoon, i've been trying without success to set up elastix. I have the following problem. The server has three network cards. One goes to the dedicated line with a public ip (let's say) (one more thing, the dedicated channel is used for exclusive purposes, our lan has other ISP with another public ip address). The other two network cards are hooked up to the local network and have each the following ip's and .14. I have followed the elastix without tears guide and have set up the extensions as well as the other gadgets. Now when i try to test calling other extensions set up with x-lite the following problems occur.
    1. if the calling extension is logged to the the public ip and the called extension is either logged through the public or local ip (either 10 or 14) then the call goes through successfully. However, if you are recording the conversation using monitor the voice of the called person is heard as if it were in slow motion and with cuts.
    2. if the calling extension is logged to the local ip (either 10 or 14) then you can call other extensions and the phone will ring but as soon as they answer, it hangs up.

    I don't know what could it be. PLEASE HELP!!!
    I'm attaching the console output during this trial with my configured sip extensions. Thank you

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