cannot get call center 1.1 to work

Discussion in 'General' started by cowboy47, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. cowboy47

    Jun 14, 2007
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    I am having the same issues as others, not only do I get the http error of 0 but if I create an agent and try to login with my extension, I get a call stating that this is not available on this extension.

  2. Telco

    Oct 4, 2007
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    Cowboy here is the solution. I have just figured it out.

    Add the following to your extensions_custom.conf file

    exten => 1234,1,Playback(demo-congrats) ; extensions can dial 1234
    exten => 1234,2,Hangup()
    exten => h,1,Hangup()
    include => agentlogin
    include => conferences
    include => calendar-event

    exten => _*8888.,1,Set(AGENTNUMBER=${EXTEN:5})
    exten => _*8888.,n,NoOp(AgentNumber is ${AGENTNUMBER})
    exten => _*8888.,n,AgentLogin(${AGENTNUMBER})
    exten => _*8888.,n,Hangup()

    exten => 9999,1,Set(CALLERID(name)="MMGETOUT")
    exten => 9999,n,Answer
    exten => 9999,n,Playback(conf-will-end-in)
    exten => 9999,n,Playback(digits/5)
    exten => 9999,n,Playback(minutes)
    exten => 9999,n,Hangup

    ;Used by cbEnd script to play end of conference warning
    exten => 5555,1,Answer
    exten => 5555,n,Wait(3)
    exten => 5555,n,CBMysql()
    exten => 5555,n,Hangup

    exten => _*7899,1,Answer
    exten => _*7899,2,Playback(${FILE_CALL})
    exten => _*7899,3,Wait(2)
    exten => _*7899,4,Hangup()

    I did that to mine and it worked like a champ!
  3. Telco

    Oct 4, 2007
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    It still does not fix the issue with FIREFOX 3. I am trying to find firefox 2 for reinstall and see if the problem goes away. but it will get you logged in. I had to Ctrl alt Del to get out of firefox though.
  4. Telco

    Oct 4, 2007
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  5. cowboy47

    Jun 14, 2007
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    What is the issue with Firefox 3 and why is it having problems?

    I made the above changes but I still get an httpd error of 0.

    I was able to log in as an agent but then I just stay on hold all the time and if I hang up, then I go into a loop on the web interface that will not let me out.
  6. Telco

    Oct 4, 2007
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    I have been running into that too now. No solution yet. I think I am going to reinstall the system. and start from a 1.1 instead of the 1.0 to 1.1 upgrade. And see if the problems go away.

    I still LOVE this software it is still by FAR the BEST out there.
  7. rafaelantoniolr

    Jul 6, 2008
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    The CALLCENTER works to me what happens is that there are concepts that do not are clear in the manual We see.
    In my personal case I made the following steps and I work myself.

    The Elastix version are 1.1-6 and Call Center are 1.1.1

    1. beginning the service elastix to dialer thus:

    #service to elastixdialer start

    2. now it enters the administrdaor of elastix and sees the eyelash of CALL CENTER

    3. Now we go to Forms and creates the form to capture the data of the campaign

    4. Now we go to Breaks and creates two Breaks to try

    5. Now we go to Agents and we created the agents.

    6. We go to PBX, Tails and we created two tails, one that calls QUEUE_INPUT and another QUEUE_OUTPUT,
    thus adds them to the agents in each tail respectively


    1301 and 1302 are the extensions that believe in the PBX and A to so that tome how active.

    It assigns others of announcements and times in the creation of the tail

    7. We go to CALLCENTER, INCOMING CALLS, and when creating an incoming call selects the INPUT tail

    8. We go to salient Calls and creates the campaign of salient call. Because it does not work to us.
    Where it is selected the DATE and HOUR of BEGINNING and AIM of camapaña one talks about two dieferentes things The first Date of BEGINNING
    and Date AIM is the rank of dates in which the campaigns are going to execute themselves.
    The part of the HOUR does not talk about to that the campaign initiates in one hour of that day and finishes in the hour of the day in which finishes.
    The reality is that it is the rank in the days of camapaña that is going away to execute daily between the date of incio and the final date.
    Recomendaria I for example in the case of the companies that initiate workings to 8am and finish 6pm the rank of hours to give it thus for example:

    Date of Beginning: 2008-07-08 08:00 Date Aim: 2008-07-31 18:00

    Of this form camapaña would be executed daily between 8 and 31 of Julio every day between the 08:00 and the 18:00 of every day.
    9. Now I go to AgentConsole and enters, I must have softophone already connected to the system and it stamps this me when answering
    requests password to me finalizing with the key # Now the extension is controlled by CALL CENTER with the delay music.
    10. It begins to remove the calls, it shows one to me one the loaded data and in SCRIPT it shows to the Script of that camapaña
    like the form that I am created to him. The listing that it loaded generates it thus:

    03341111,04/07/2008,14:00,MONTES BERRIO NELSY,90000119702,119702,323242,RAFAEL LEON,5930310
    03341122,04/07/2008,14:00,MONTES BERRIO NELSY,90000118874,118874,323242,GERARDO RAMIREZ,5930310
    05930310,04/07/2008,14:00,MONTES BERRIO NELSY,90000117141,117141,323242,HENRY TORRES,5930310
    05444295,04/07/2008,14:00,MONTES BERRIO NELSY,90000119732,119732,323242,GABRIEL CIFUENTES,5930310
    03213624,04/07/2008,14:00,MONTES BERRIO NELSY,90000120124,120124,323242,MELBA JARAMILLO,5930310
    05451304,04/07/2008,14:00,MONTES BERRIO NELSY,90000114294,114294,323242,WILLIAM ROJAS,5930310
    0033102207298,04/07/2008,14:00,MONTES BERRIO NELSY,90000114294,114294,323242,WILLIAM ROJAS,5930310
    0033134754717,04/07/2008,14:00,MONTES BERRIO NELSY,90000114294,114294,323242,WILLIAM ROJAS,5930310
    0033123860337,04/07/2008,14:00,MONTES BERRIO NELSY,90000114294,114294,323242,WILLIAM ROJAS,5930310

    11. When it finishes calling to all the loaded numbers and/or the conditions of observed have been fulfilled, this camapaña finalizes.

    12. Now I call to the input queue, responds the agent to me, but in the screen it does not appear to me the control of the incoming call. To somebody already him has worked this? That I made bad?

    Thanks to who can help in the entrance of the calls.


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