Can you transfer a phone call from hold?

Sep 11, 2008

I answer a call on my extension 100. The call is for "Bob" and I know bob is not at his desk. So, I place the call on hold and page Bob. I tell Bob he has a phone call on my extension 100. Bob dials XXX to answer the call on my extension. When the he answers it automaticly transfers the call to Bob extension.

I know this is a lot like using the parking lots but my current users are used to this method and kind of complaining about the parking lot thing.


Nov 4, 2007

I was at my desk, just didn't hear your page!!! :laugh:

What you are asking can't be done as you have described. It sounds like your users are used to the key system (e.g. lights for each phone line).

Shared Line Appearance (SLA) is one alternative method, but limits your phone choice and how many incoming lines may be an issue. But in the end it is a workaround to provide this type of "look"

I know its a bit late now, but I make it clear to any prospective users of our system, that what they have been used to in the last 20 years on a PBX, can generally go out the window. I set the expectation early, and I explain the reasons why, such as scalability, the fact that all extensions may not be a normal Phone (e.g. mobiles), the fact that Mobiles can participate in Ring Groups. In effect showing them that the old key method has shackled the PBX system for years. With some of the larger installations, we will quite often do a half/one hour powerpoint presentation as soon as the order is placed, setting the expectations early. We show the users the type of phone that they are getting, we explain that the lights on the side of the phone are not used in the same way.

We have only had one client who had initial issues understanding this concept, which was a small doctors surgery. I even found them unplugging the PBX line when they closed for extended periods, to put a answering machine on the line (until I showed them how to simply put a message on the system). However, again a bit of re-education, and they are absolutely stoked with their system, now want the other surgery connected, and no issues.

Maybe this is a good opportunity to do a presentation now, explain the reasons and why. You get enough users onboard, the few that really have an issue dropping the older methods, start to realise that they are in the minority.

The parking does work well (correctly configured), and again once people understand the concept, they do embrace it...



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