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    Jul 30, 2007
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    A part of our PBX setup looks like this:

    -> inbound, external call from the PSTN
    -> ring group, ext 600
    -> ext 1 & ext 2 ring
    -> ext 1 voicemail if no answer

    When an external call is answered on ext 1 or 2, and then transferred, the caller ID shows the ring group extension, not the extension that answered and is doing the transfer.

    This also impacts voicemail message recordings. If there is no answer on an inbound call, and the call goes to voicemail on extension 1, recorded greetings are not played. However, if an internal extension dials ext 1, the correct greeting is played. I can guess this is because although the external call is arriving at voicemail box ext 1, it believes it is is doing so with ext 600 (the ring group) as its CND and thus can't match against the recorded audio files, and plays the default instead.

    I'm sure by digging, this could be fixed, but I loathe to touch asterisk configs as this will be overwritten next time I save anything in freepbx.

    any ideas?


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