Caller ID Lost/ On Call Notification Etc


Apr 19, 2009
Dear Experts,

After implementing two elastix boxed which is been working for quite sometime now am a happy satisfied user of Elastix and would always recommend elastix to new install but it wouldnt have been possible at all without the help of Great Elastix Community so a big big Thank you to all.

few questions since then i noticed here is my list will wait for your response and am always ready to help back community with my experience.

1. big issue since interconnecting two of elastix boxes of diffrent locations everything works fine but Caller ID, when calling into each others extensions it only shows Caller ID that of Trunk and not of the actual Extension. any pointers?

2. Call Pick up with *8 or **XXX doesnt update the Caller ID but shows *8 or **XXX instead of actual caller's Caller ID, and same goes for call transfers it doesnt transfer the actual ID when transfering the calls our old nortel system used to so my users are so unhappy about this, please give me some ideas on this to try and fix.

3. on our old Nortel BCM 400 when for example if i call extension 200 and the person is on a call it will show on my phone's display "ON ANOTHER CALL" which is not the case now with Elastix/Asterisk its very important feature, as when someone calls you (internally) and you are already on another call and dont answer 2nd call the 2nd caller thinks that you are not on your desk or dont want to answer for reasons unknown, and ultimately calls goes to voice mail which is totally undesired atleast for internal calls. Please Help.

4. if a call is not answered it goes to voice mail but caller doesnt leave a voice mail but hangs up instead as soon as he hears voice mail greetings but doesnt really record a voice mail but system still thinks its recorded a voice mail regardless of its length so we end having so many voice mail files which is only 3-10 seconds long and has actually nothing recorded in it, which eats up a lot of resources unnecessarily it gets Stored emailed and all which involves, Hard Drive Space, System Processes/ Email Resources etc etc so to avoid all this it would be nice if we can make a limit of 10-30Seconds so that no voice mail of less then a predefined limit gets to record or emailed. and no voice mail for internal callers? is it possible?

Thank you so much for your support.

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