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    I have Elastix 1.5.2-2 with Wildcard TDM400P 4fxo connected 1 land line which is number (17822512)
    I tried to make call back and disa as the document mentioned i did the following
    1- add Disa

    Disa name : mymobile
    pin :1234
    responce time out : 10
    caller Id :36373011 (which is my mobile number )
    context :from-internal

    2- added call back

    callback description : my mobile
    callback number :36373011 (which is my mobile number )
    Delay before callback : 10

    and destination after callback is Disa (mymobile)

    3- Made incoming route

    DID number : 17822512 (which is land line number )
    Caller Id : 36373011 (which is my mobile number )

    And set destination to call back (mymobile)

    now the problem when dial the land line from my mobile i always get (The number you have dialed is not in service please check the number and try again)

    note from any extension to use the land line i dial 9 then any number i want
    i changed the caller Id to 936373011 but the problem still the same

    So please tell me what to do ?

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