call drops after 20 seconds exactly

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    Jan 19, 2011
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    Hello All.

    I have been using elastix on our company for about 1 year with great results.
    I am using a Xorcom 2000 ippbx with elastix 1.5.2-2.
    My server is behind a firewall and all apropriate settings are present on sip nat conf.

    The last couple of days, without any change (neither networks/router or account details)
    i have the following problem.
    Sip accounts which are registering outside my private network(which up to now where making calls perfectly ok) are now droping the line after exactly 20 second of calling.
    It makes no difference if i am using a analogue trunk, sip trunk or idsn trunk.
    From users inside my ippbx i have no problem at all.

    if outside sip account calls inside sip account line drops after 20 seconds
    if inside sip account calls outside sip account the line is never dropped.

    Any idea why?
    Any recommendation on what to check.
    Log does not provide any info i can understand

    Any help will be much appreciated

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