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    HI all,

    In call center module in agent console ,after login and dialing starts,

    1.Where the agent dispose the call ,if he/she want to disposition,because leads need to recycle,
    2.need to know the number which dialed automatically should show the answering machine,answered,disposition,transfer also leads need to recycle. to delete finished campaign,and delete recorded calls also need to take backup.
    4.i need the separate button for disposition like for break hang up in agent console else wen ever agent hangup it should opens another page to fix that number for reminder,disposition,likewise.
    5.the module which i told is very important for callcenters. to design other language like spanish to my language tamil. to write module or redesign in other language which is avail in /var/www/html/lang/XX.lang

    for example :

    reply me

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