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    How do you get the fields from the csv into the script? e.g.

    Hi <first name>

    Can the fields be used in forms?

    We use vicidial at the moment but its the most horrible beast to configure and we use it only because its the only free dialer that runs on linux. The call center module in elastix looks amazing but is it:

    1. Predictive dialer
    2. Able to detect answering machines

    What does "retries" mean exactly? Does it retry numbers that didn't connect (for lots of reasons including answering machines) and does it do the retry after its finished dialing all the numbers in the list?

    I've read the manual its pretty useless as it tells you all the easy stuff you can work out without a manual but is silent in the more esoteric areas. e.g. The need to log in to a queue using "A" prefix, and the exact meaning of all the options.

    But hey it's free and I love it and am thankful for it. Seems way better than buggy trixbox ce we are moving from.

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