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Discussion in 'General' started by Amphibian, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Amphibian

    Sep 8, 2009
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    Not sure if this is where I should post this or not.

    I am looking for a programmer or php knowledgeable person to make the call center work as I need it to.

    Looking for estimated cost to me for this project. Person selected must be able to prove experience and abilities.

    Have need for the following:


    Using Elastix for "Telephone Answering Service" for approx. 200 medical personnel,
    Each Physician is issued an assigned inbound number. Each Physician is issued a pager from our service.
    Each Physician forwards their office phones to us upon closing or leaving their offices for lunch or the day.


    1: Setup inbound route for each assigned number. (Done)

    2: Each inbound number is directed to an IVR, giving the caller the opportunity to hear office hours, leave a message or press "0" to speak to operator. (Done)

    3: When a caller presses "0" call is routed to a ring group (assigned operators). (Done)

    4: When call is routed to operator, the following information needs to be displayed for that physician using the call center portion of elastic:

    Field 1: Physician's Name,
    Field 2: Script showing what to say to caller upon answering (How Physician wants phone answered),
    Field 3: Selectable "On Call" or "Not On Call" (On Call in Green, Not On Call in red flashing),
    Field 4: Selectable list of Physicians On Call for this Physician if this Physician is NOT ON CALL,
    Field 5: Pager Number for this Physician,
    Field 6: Caller ID,
    Field 7: Message Box (Operator will type in any information required to give to Physician received from caller),
    Field 8: Time call was received (must be the time the operator answers the call),
    Field 9: Time message was delivered to Physician,

    Must have the following "Buttons" available:
    1: Page (when pressed will dial pager number on outgoing assigned trunk/number),
    2: Accept/Save information collected in message box,
    3: Show un-delivered messages,
    4: Show all messages (for that date or selectable selectable dates),
    5: Message Delivered ( operator to press when message is delivered,
    6: Transfer (allowing operator to transfer this call to outbound route dialed by operator (allowing call to be given directly to physician)
    7: Urgent (will notify operator every 5 minutes that message has not been delivered)
    8: Hold (allowing operator to place this call on hold while waiting for physician to call back so call can be transfered to physician)

    A record of each call along with all information gathered, time stamp of when call was received and delivered, time stamp of when page was sent, time stamp of how long on call, time stamp of how long on hold and time stamp of how long before message was delivered or call transfered must be saved in Db and must be retrievable at anytime by operator or management from call center displayed page.

    Additionally, this same information needs to be displayed to physician through a web portal access.

    Must provide all code, release all code from ownership to us and must be capable of additional features as required in the future.

    Anyone interested in doing this can contact me by e-mail at amphiban (not spelled the same as my name) at live dot com with the requested figures.

    Any one feeling this is in any way inappropriate or know of a better place this should be posted please advise and I will know better in the future. If this is already available to do in call center then feel free to educate my dumb you know what. I would like to eventually use this same setup for other businesses and feel that this should be a function of call center anyways. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for this and would like to make it available to other users upon completion as I know others on here could use it for their use.

  2. regencycb

    Oct 31, 2011
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    did yo ever receive any help with this i am looking too
    PM me
  3. Amphibian

    Sep 8, 2009
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    No Sir,

    I have not. Wished I Had, but unfortunately I'm having to write the code myself.

    After all, most on here are inexperienced in such, and those that have the experience have way too much on their plate already with their own projects, very similar to me.

    I thought I might find someone here in the U. S. of A. that might be without employment and hungry and wanting to do some side work, but no such luck yet. I came here first to post it because it worked for me on some other forums I belong to in the Hardware end of things. I managed to obtain several interested persons on those boards to design DTMF & IP Controllers for home and commercial automation projects that are within weeks of completing and sending for manufacturing. In fact several of them and I have formed a partnership because we believe Elastix for Home & Commercial Automation would work very well together.

    I'm thinking that what I need to do is hire some coders from some employment agency to develop several programming projects I have going in order to take the "Call Center" and other portions of Elastix to the next level it should have been already. For the "Call Center" portion, it has a lot of potential and seems to be sitting on the back burner, and, I'm sure it has been for a good reason, "over worked and under paid" type deal that we all are going through. Although I must admit, with the newer version of Elastix and it's awesome "add-on" capabilities I would suspect that we should start seeing more add-ons available soon, hopefully.

    Have a great day and check here periodically for any updates. I might just surprise everyone and have something developed before you know it. If you know anyone interested or find someone for your project send them my way when your done with them.



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