Built-in Global CID Support for Analog Cards!

Oct 22, 2007
OpenVox has now released new device driver for A800P/A1200P that has built-in global CID support including the British Telecom, Brazil, Taiwan CID format etc. This new improvement enlarges the applicability of asterisk which enables the users especially from South America, Asia-Pacific and North Europe to use asterisk in a more convenient way. Meanwhile, this improvement also makes OpenVox the First open source hardware device manufacturer in the industry that provides the Global CID support. Users do not need to add any patch to zaptel or asterisk and can directly have it with these two cards.

About CID:
Caller ID (caller identification, CID, or more properly calling number identification) is a telephone service, available on POTS lines, that transmits a caller's number to the called party's telephone equipment during the ringing signal, or when the call is being set up but before the call is answered. Where available, caller ID can also provide a name associated with the calling telephone number. The information made available to the called party may be made visible on a telephone's own display or on a separate attached device.

Caller ID is often helpful for tracing down prank calls and other unwanted intrusions. However, it can also impede communication by enabling users to become evasive. The concept behind caller ID is the value of informed consent; however, it also poses problems for personal privacy.

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