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    Elastix version 1.0-17, Aastra 57i, ( latest firmware updated ), xlite and zoiper softphones. Openvox A400 card with 4 fxo ports.

    The system can receive pone calls via pstn lines. Can do 3 way calling from pstn, sip1, sip 2.

    But cannot blind transfer calls (##) does not work on any phone, hard or soft. PBX tab, General Settings, Asterisk dial command options: tri

    Asterisk outbound dial commands: none

    From extensions.conf:
    ; applications are now mostly all found in from-internal-additional in _custom.conf
    include => parkedcalls
    include => from-internal-custom
    ;allow phones to dial other extensions
    include => ext-fax
    ;allow phones to access generated contexts
    From features.conf:
    blindxfer => ## ; Blind Transfer
    disconnect => ** ; Disconnect Call
    automon => *1 ; One Touch Record
    ;atxfer => *2 ; Attended Xfer

    I have installed asterisk many times from the command line and have not had this problem. It acts like asterisk is not in the media stream but the dial cmd tri is set. Any clues?


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