Best Network Design For Elastix ?

Discussion in 'General' started by MGG, May 16, 2010.

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    I have a LAN (Client/Server)MS Small Business Server as A DHCP server, assigning IPs . Its switch is rackmounted and connects 14 XP_Pro workstations.

    I have ordered a UPS to protect and hold up a new 16 port 10/100 unmanged switch linking my Elastix Server and 14 handsets

    I want to use the same LAN (cabling) for my Elastix Network (Server and handsets.)

    What is best practice here:

    1. A seperate subnet?
    2. OR Can I run 2 DHCP servers ( 1 x MS SMS & 1 x DHCP Router) on the same subnet ie, with different ranges?
    3. Put the Elastix System and it's handsets on a seperate subnet. Say ? and link 14 ports from the existing switch to the new switch.

    WHAT'S BEST PRACTICE?...Bearing in mind I might want to link (network)a second Elastix Box in a seperate geographical location later down the track ?
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    My take on this, but I'm sure you will have more opinions on it:

    I would suggest to use static IPs for your phones. It's a little bit more work at first, but it will let you add some per IP restrictions on your extensions that will protect a little bit more your PBX. Then you won't need any DHCP either for your phone subnet.

    If you want to use the same LAN for both voice and data, I would strongly advise to put them in two different VLAN with a good QOS router to prioritize your voice VLAN. You can then even use the LAN port on your phone to connect your computers if you want.

    If you don't trust your users (I know you shouldn't), you can add a firewall in your LAN to protect your Elastix server.

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