Beronet problems (or mISDN at all)

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    Aug 30, 2009
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    Hello there,

    this is the first time I use asterisk at all, so please could anyone help me?
    I have a new PC with a Beronet BN4S0.
    For testing i connected one TE Port of my beronet with the TK which I want to replace later.

    1. I made a fresh installation of elastix.
    2. I started Hardware-detection via web-interface
    3. My card started blinking

    Here the problems start:
    a) When the cable is connected to the card and I reboot the pc asterisk doesn't start (Asterisk died with code 1)
    b) When I plug in the cable later all 4 LED stay blinking. Normally one LED should stop blinking.
    -> as soon as I call the connected MSN from external the connected LED stops blinking (strange!)
    -> then i can make calls but cannot receive any (i think there is something wrong in my config)

    I tried something else:
    1. stopped mISDN by /etc/initd/mISDN stop
    2. misdn-init scan (-> card=1,0x4)
    3. misdn-init config
    4. misdn-init start

    same results!

    Again I tried something else:
    1. stopped mISDN
    2. I have downloaded and installed the latest misdn from

    same results!

    is there anyone who could give me a little howto? I sitting in front of this problem since two days.

    Here are some configs:

    misdnportinfo sometimes:

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