Before you connect your 1st phone

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    Hi Aastra1,

    My friend dicko "suggests" often to RTMF ... B) :angry: :blink:

    So, I'm back ... Wanting new topic, maybe it'll clear up many other posts :dry:

    Doc. No.: PA-001009-05-00 / page 5 "2.3 Before you connect your first phone"
    Aastra XML Scripts for elastix V. 2.2.1

    ARGH ! I've phones up and working ... but issues.

    When I load the script, will I be at a point of redoing each phone in it's <<mac-address>> dot cnf ( or the FreePBX configuration method ) file from within the tftpboot directory ??

    What if I do NOT edit the /etc/amportal.conf file and maintain the AMPEXTENSIONS=extensions ???

    # AMPEXTENSIONS: the type of view for extensions admin
    # If set to 'deviceanduser' Devices and Users will be administered seperately, and Users will be able to "login" to devices.
    # If set to 'extensions' Devices and Users will me administered in a single screen.

    Thanks Beforehand,


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