Backup/Restore Virtual - VMware Server 2 to ESXI 4

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    I was runing elastix 1.5.2 on VMware Server 2 (unhappy with performance), Ubuntu Server 8.04 as host

    I installed elastix 1.6.0 32bit on ESXI 4, made no special configurations or even change to static IP

    C) On my working Elastix 1.5.2 running on VMware Server 2 I ran this command to backup the whole system;

    logged in as root; sudo su & cd to /
    The command I used is;
    tar cvpzf backup.tgz --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/backup.tgz --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/sys /

    D) Once I had a backup completed I moved it over to ESXI Elastix 1.6.0 and restore with this command in root directory as root;
    tar xvpfz backup.tgz -C /

    E) Once the backup was restored into Elastix 1.6.0 it had most of my settings so now I had to make adjustments as follows;

    1. yum update yum
    2. yum update
    3. yum update elastix
    4. FreePBX Update Modules per upgrade tools instructions, final stage no errors.
    5. My inbount outbound VoIP Provider Settings were missing so I added them
    6. Openfire & Sugar CRM were working but I had to remove and re-install AvantFax

    **7. My Elastix 1.6.0 is almost stable but Fax Visor, Inbound Faxing is not working. I had to re-create my VirtualFax lines with same settings but its not working. I do have NV_Fax installed but I don't know where to begin.

    Has something change in the setup of VirtualFax in Elastix 1.6.0? Can someone help me troubleshoot this VirtualFax issue?

    I would greatly appreciated!

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