AvantFAX Fails to Email pdf and Correctly Archive


Apr 17, 2010
I have really been trying to work through a bunch of issues with AvantFAX lately. I am getting real close to having all of the bugs worked out that I have encountered. Here is my current hurdle:

I have identified 2 fax senders (sending faxes to my company) that do not get properly handled by AvantFAX. In both cases, the TSI (Transmitting Station Identification?) has an unusual character in it. One them has ! and the other is '. Unfortunately, I do not receive any other CallerID information. So far, I have been able to determine that AvantFAX does not identify the 'Company' or 'Fax Number' for the AvantFAX Address Book. As a result, faxes are not filed away properly in the directory. Normally, the path to fax files is:


Instead, the files are placed as follows:


Note that the files are not placed under a FAXNUMBER directory. As a side effect, the fax is not emailed as a pdf, it does not show up in the AvantFAX inbox, nor does it appear in the AvantFAX archive.

Here is a sample from the AvantFAX System Logs of a normal fax being processed correctly:

22.12.2010 10:48	faxrcvd> Fax sent to MODEM contact Me@mydomain.com
22.12.2010 10:48	send_mail> 'fax: Kornibe Designs 22.12.2010 10:48' sent to 'Me@mydomain.com' from 'AvantFAX@mydomain.net' - /var/www/html/avantfax/faxes/recvd/2010/12/22/12706787963/000000195/fax.pdf ()
22.12.2010 10:48	faxrcvd> Inserted /var/www/html/avantfax/faxes/recvd/2010/12/22/12706787963/000000195 from 12706787963 to Inbox
22.12.2010 10:48	ArchiveIn> fax '/var/www/html/avantfax/faxes/recvd/2010/12/22/12706787963/000000195' from fax number '12706787963' - ttyIAX1
22.12.2010 10:48	tiff2pdf> successfully created /var/www/html/avantfax/faxes/recvd/2010/12/22/12706787963/000000195/fax.pdf
22.12.2010 10:48	faxrcvd> PROCESSING FAX from '12706787963' (1 pages) received '2010:12:22 10:42:10'
22.12.2010 10:48	faxrcvd> executing: recvq/fax000000195.tif ttyIAX1 '000000196' '' CIDNum: '' CIDName: '' DID: ''
And here is a sample from the AvantFAX System Logs of a fax that is not processed correctly:

22.12.2010 10:39	tiff2pdf> successfully created /var/www/html/avantfax/faxes/recvd/2010/12/22//000000194/fax.pdf
22.12.2010 10:39	faxrcvd> PROCESSING FAX from '!' (1 pages) received '2010:12:22 10:39:11'
22.12.2010 10:39	faxrcvd> executing: recvq/fax000000194.tif ttyIAX1 '000000195' '' CIDNum: '' CIDName: '' DID: ''
In this example, notice that there is a double // after the date of .../2010/12/22//....

It seems that this would need to be fixed in the /var/www/html/avantfax/includes/faxrcvd.php, but I am not really sure. Has anyone else seen this before or have some suggestions? Thanks! :blink:

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