Avantfax cover page fields and kill job

Discussion in 'General' started by Patrick_elx, Oct 11, 2010.

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    On one of my older box with Elastix 1.6, I have to install a fax.
    Avantfax 3.2.2 & Hylafax 4.3.9

    After updating hylafax and installing Avantfax I have the two following issues:

    - In Avantfax I can't kill or modify a job from the web interface (I logged as superuser with all rights including deleting fax)
    FQ>killjob (jid 116): 500 Cannot kill job 116; job does not exist (No such file or directory)

    - When I send a fax with a cover page, the cover page fields are not updated with the proper, but unchanged as in the cover.ps file.

    I tried to look in my other server that has a fax working well and I don't have any of these issues with it. I've spend a few hours already trying to look in many config files to see a difference in these two servers, but without success so far.

    Any idea where to look at?

    PS: I open a new thread, as after scrolling through many and many pages of "avantfax is a must", I don't want anyone else to go to the same ordeal again.

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