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    we have installed Asterisk and Elastix 2.0.0-36. We plan to use Elastix for small Call Center with 30 dynamic agents, no outgoing campaigns. Main goal is to track agent logins and logoffs, time spent working and number of inbound calls per agent (succesfull, abandoned, rejected, not answered).
    We have one major problem so far and would appreciate any help.

    Autologoff function does not work. We want incoming call to ring for 15 seconds, if agent is not answering system should log him off and find another agent to forward call. Option "Agent timeout" is set to 20 (we tried 15 also) seconds, and option "autologoff=15" is set in agents.conf file. However, this does not work. For example, when ring strategy is set to "fewest calls" incoming call is ringing specific agent. It rings for 10 seconds and if agent is not answering that same agent is ringing again and again. This may be very frustrating for the customer. We insist on dynamic agents and have trouble with discipline (which is why we want to implement Call Center).
    Is this a bug in system and is there a way arround this problem?


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