Attended Transfer to Another AsteriskQueue Server.

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    Mar 31, 2009
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    I have an Elastix With Call Center 1.14 and Asterisk 1.2 with queue server, Sip trunk, i need to send a Attended Transfer from the Predictive Queued Call to another Asterisk Server to make a procedure of validation of the call.

    I alredy do Blind Transfer to that queue, but when i try to send the call with Attended transfer via EyeBeam the Softphone sends Transfer Failed and Blue Botton. (It's not a trouble to lost the register in Agent Console)

    I tryed In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer, and just dropme the call.

    If i made the call via the sofphone i can make an Attended Transfer to the other Asterisk Server but if make the call Via the Dialer i can't

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advanced.

    PDT. I alredy tested with Zoiper and the same trouble.:blink:

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