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    I am just a new bie in asterisk world. I have been assigned a asterisk sugarcrm integration project. I have already done asterisk voiceRD integraion and setting up of inbound and outbound call.

    I have been told to display a report as a subpanel in sugarcrm contact page. The fields are almost same as asterisk CDR report.

    According to my current set up when contact calls to the agent, sugarcrm contacts page popup from the URL of Asterisk Desktop manager. There are some issues here.

    1. crm does not if the agent picks up the phone or not.
    2. consequently,crm does not know the start and end time of the conversation.
    3. And also if agent is working on some web site, pop-up blown away the working page every time receives the phone call.

    My requirements are

    1. When agen receive phone calls, adm mini window pops up and if agent clicks on the YES button sugarcrm pops contact page pops up. Is this can be done in sugar?

    2. After asterisk hangs up phone call, asterisk will send a message (web service) to the sugarcrm
    to update the contact's conversation details.

    No 2 is my first priority. What I would like to know where/which file in asterisk should I edit to communicate with crm. Is there any script (or even change asterisk code and rebuld again) which can monitor calls and send information to sugarcrm?

    I hope many have already done this. I will really appreciate and be very gratefulif someone can give me some idea.

    Thanking you.
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    Callinize offers integration for over 150 phone systems and CRMs which include both Elastix and SugarCRM. It offers features such as click to dial and call pop up. Check out these integrations here

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