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    May 13, 2010
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    I am glad to write to you to promote our new product.

    1. GSM card – 4 Module in one PCI card.

    SMS supported:

    • Short messages can be stored in Text file or mysql database. Any other database can be easily supported.

    • Short messages can be sent out in dial-plan, AGI, CLI.

    • All GSM status, such as SIM,network,signal,power,etc can be checked in CLI. So it’s easy to maintenance.

    • Easy intallation without reinstall your asterisk or dahdi/Zaptel. Only an channel module and a kernel module need to be added.

    Voice features:

    • Excellent voice quality

    • Call out just as dahdi/zap channels.

    • Receive call without any callerid lost.

    Target applications

    • GSM connectivity for PBX, callcenter,etc.

    • SMS gateway

    • GSM gateway

    • GSM callback services Main Features

    • Save telephone charge

    Reasons you should choose it:

    • Long time and complete test to ensure excellent quality.

    • Easy installation without requirement of reinstalling of your systems.

    • Supprising and competitive price.

    2. Echo-Cancellation modules

    Main features you may have interests:

    • Our EC modules are pin-to-pin compatalbe with Digium’s. Without any modification in hardware or software, It can be used with Digium digital card.

    • We provide 1*E1, 2*E2, 4*E1 versions to supoort 32,64,128 channels .

    • Competitive price

    We also provide analogy and digital telephony card for asterisk and freeswitch.

    Shenzhen Bluenet Technology Co.,Ltd
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    Dec 14, 2008
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    It's nice to introduce a new product that is asterisk related, however posting the same announcement in ten different threads, and in the wrong folder will get you banned from this forum for spamming.

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