AsteriDex 4 - Web-Based RoboDialer for Elastix

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    I'm about a month old to Voip and had started with trixbox, then have just migrated to elastix a week back and so far my experience is very good. I've also read that the forums here are more helpful & friendly than elastix, which was a major reason for the shift, but overall I found the elastix package a more integrated and less broken here & there. Not to mention I did not had problems with elastic either, after install I was not able to make calls through my zap tunk, though technically the issue was small as I had to only regenerate the dahdi config files, but to a newbie like me it was big when we install a PBX and expect to atleast be able to ring the phones. :p

    Anyway, here is my first query. I need to setup a web to dial kind of feature, where in I should be able to make the PBX call me and then patch me up with any number I wanna call to. This is very helpful when travelling.

    So I installed AsteriDex as per instructions mentioned below:

    The installation when through without any difficulty, but its not working, the URL http://mypbxipaddress/asteridex4/admin.php gives me error "Database connection failed".

    Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Or any other scrip may please be shared which gives me similar features.

    - thanks.

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