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    May 23, 2009
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    Hi everybody,

    I really need your help. Im having this issue: i configured an outbound campaign with elastix (predictive dialer) to give a message to the customer, but this message has to depend on the customer phone number. I mean, the number XXXX will receive a message: "You have to pay 150 dollars" and number YYYY will receive: "you have to pay 200 dollars", for example.

    I wrote an AGI script to read in a MySQL DB the ammount of payment, but with the Elastix automatic dialer i cannot get the variable of the number that Elastix is dialing. I readed about the variables agi_dnid, agi_rdnis, but it seems that those are not available with the predictive dialer (the agi debug says: agi_dnid and agi_rdnis: unknown)and the variables ${CALLERID(num) and similar are not working.

    Does anyone know how can i get this number to find in the DB the information i need??? I would appreciate any help or tip you can give me.

    Thanks a lot

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