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Discussion in 'General' started by Kalama Sutra, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Hi to the 2 or 3 of you who'll jump right on this ...

    Prior to doing a clean re - install on my production box ( v.1.3-2 ), I'm working with a side install ( practicing ) of v.1.6-12. Just seeing what I can break. But, I've done nothing to it yet other than cross loading some files ( see other posts ).

    This time I don't claim fat fingers ! :evil:

    Anyway, on my 1.3 system, when I do the unembedded FreePBX, I get the following tabs :

    Admin / Reports / Panel / Recordings / Help

    On my practice system, 1.6, the unembedded FreePBX offers only the following tabs :

    Admin / Reports / Panel / Help

    I like the "Recordings" tab ... It's the one I have my staff set up with on their web browsers.

    OK, how did I screw up this time ? :unsure:

    Jim :blink:

    I think I'm on the correct track here ... Not Root Cause level of turning "On / Off" ... but maybe an indicator or 3 ....

    Production machine is one I fouled up a while ago when doing some DFWI updates ! Somewhere with it, I may have partially updated FreePBX, which didn't get backed out. On my "test" machine, I ran through these items WITHOUT messing with the core of CentOS updates ... when done, all those tabs show up and seem to function OK ....

    Thanks for help from All you posters out there ... New like me read a bunch of the forums. Great clues for the clueless.


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