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Jun 14, 2007
I have several questions regarding things that I have recently encountered and wondered if anyone could comment on this?

1. What is the significance of the setting in sip.conf of "limitonpeers=yes"?

2. I have noticed recently that key tones are not passing like they did before. Lately I have been experiencing issues where users cannot login to voicemail, they try to dial another IVR system but the tones are not recognized. All of this was previously working so I am a little confused on why it has stopped. I have all of my definitions using dtmfmode=rfc2833.

3. There are the new announcements that are posted in the forum regarding new releases of asterisk or zaptel drivers. However, is there anything special that needs to be taken into consideration if you should try to apply these? I know that with trixbox, if you upgraded the zaptel or any other drivers it would basically break the box. Comments? Instructions?

4. I am having problems with some Polycom phones IP-320. Most of the comments are that you should use FTP as opposed to TFTP for the boot files. However, if I define FTP on the phones I consistently receive the message of "boot server could not be found". I have checked and vsftpd is running. Assistance?

5. This is more of a comment more than a question but I saw reference to people developing scripts to do installs yet when others ask for the scripts there is no response. Please share, if I have something I share.

6. I have noticed that 0.8.5 is planned to have freepbx 2.2.3, however, freepbx2.3 is just about ready to release and has many more features. If the freepbx interface is going to be embedded in Elastix, when will freepbx be upgraded?

Any and all comments & suggestions welcomed.


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