Adding mulitple Free dir asst. in your dialplan

Discussion in 'General' started by snowspeeder, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. snowspeeder

    Aug 13, 2008
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    Here is how you can easily get free directory assistance to all your extensions using both free411 and goog411!

    First lets make a recording.

    Say Something like
    "For free 411 press 1, for google 411 press 2"

    Now open extensions_custom.conf

    Add these this into the file

    Be sure to change the name of the outbound trunk in these custom contexts. Mine was vitel-outbound since I use Vitelity.

    Next, in Freepbx go to custom destination.
    add these into 2 separate Custom Destinations,

    Create a new IVR, name it 411. Select press 1 to go to destination custom-free411 and press 2 for custom-goog411.

    Now on to Misc Application
    Create a new one
    Destination: Free411
    Feature code: *411
    Destination: IVR 411

    Now dial *411, follow the prompts and enjoy. B)

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  2. rafael

    May 14, 2007
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    Cool :) Thanks a lot for your tip, too bad we don't have those services in Ecuador.



    PS. +1 for your karma
  3. wiseoldowl

    Aug 19, 2008
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    Better yet, instead of using something so carrier specific, use a string that will allow use of any of your trunks that supports toll-free calling. for example.....

    exten => s,2,Dial(Local/18003733411@outbound-allroutes,120,m)

    .....should work and does not limit you to any particular provider, nor force you to make changes if you switch providers.

    There's also a way to intercept calls if people dial 411 or 1-xxx-555-1212, etc. - see ... in-the-usa - but that does not give you the option to select which service you want to use from an IVR menu. I'm sure you could combine these methods if you wanted to intercept calls that people might make to expen$ive directory assistance, and force them to make a choice from among the free providers.

    For example, on the above link it tells you to create a custom trunk with a Custom Dial String, in the form: Local/number-to-call@outbound-allroutes. I'll bet you could replace that with something like Local/*411@from-internal (I think) to go to your IVR menu. Haven't tested that theory but I'll bet it might work.

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