Adding and removing prefix on inbound and outtgoing calls


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Sep 2, 2020

I am farily new to Elastix, but I have written as good of description as I am able for what I am looking for.

Today we have a dedicated SIP server delivered by a thirdparty that has stopped support of this. This SIP redirect all calls from an internal intercom central (GE800) to a thirdparty through a SIP trunk. We are looking to upgrade the design of this to implement with our current switchboard. Underneath you see a description of desired solution.

The internal numbers are based on 4 digits. So I am looking for 3 tips here.

  • Add XX XX in front of the 4 digits the GE800 provide to make it an public phone number when a call goes out from the SIP.
  • Remove XX XX in front of the 4 digits GE800 provide to make an public phone number private.
  • Blacklist all incoming numbers except for a whitelist
We are in contact with our switchboard provider about getting 4000 numbers allocated to us, as our calling range goes from 1000 to 4771.

SIP Info: «Callnumber (4 digits)» - “Display text EE 811A” eg. 1121 - InnK2V Colos. We would prefer If we didn’t need to have the unitnumber in the Display text EE 811A.
Today we only get the “Display text EE 811A” in SIP info.

Callings from facilities:
When calling 1121 is pushed it goes through GE800 – to the SIP server. The SIP server adds 4 predefined numbers to the number as a prefix eg. 2200. So the number will be 22001121.
This prefix is set for all. So if someone calls from 1122 it the number will be 2200 1122.

Callings to the facilities:
If we call 2200 1122 the SIP server will strip it down to 1122 and forwards this info to the GE800 that will connect the unit.

Whitelist numbers that can call into the solution:
We need to be able to block all numbers except for a whitelist that can call this numbers. This numbers should be either a range of numbers or individual.

Anyone who can help here?

We currently run on Elastix v2.4.0, which has shown to be a very good and stabile solution, but today we only have one number out, and none inbound.

Thanks in advance!

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