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    Hi all,

    Can somboddy please shed some light on this?

    This is in my "active channel(s)" window at the moment. all is ok, but the last line DAHDI/ps........ is always there, the others channels diappear as the channel dissapears.

    Asterisk (Ver. 1.4.32): Channels
    Channel Location State Application(Data)
    mISDN/1-u5555 None) Up AppDial((Outgoing Line))
    Local/081234567@from s@macro-dialout-trun Up Dial(mISDN/g:Intern/092362356|
    Local/081234567@from (None) Up AppDial((Outgoing Line))
    SIP/8443-00000dba 26689@from-internal: Up Dial(Local/092362356@from-inte
    SIP/888-00000b05 88881234@from-intern Up MeetMe(8888)
    DAHDI/pseudo-1075318 s@default:1 Rsrvd (None)

    Is this normal? Can I just fors that channel to hangup, or is that a nessessary line?

    (I am sorry, the message is not staying in tableform when send to the forum.)

    Thank you,


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