Aastra's configuration file is "mispelled".

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    Jun 19, 2008
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    I was looking into Aastra.cfg.php default file in /var/www/html/modules/endpoint_configuration/libs/vendors and I noticed that in the "sip line" configuration part, there are some "underscores" that don't allow phones to work properly. In other words, Aastra.cfg.php looks like:

    sip_line1 screen name: $DisplayName
    sip_line1 display name: $DisplayName
    sip_line1 auth_name: $id_device
    sip_line1 user_name: $id_device
    sip_line1 password: $secret
    sip line1 vmail: *97
    sip line1 mode: 0 "

    And it should look like:

    sip line1 screen name: $DisplayName
    sip line1 display name: $DisplayName
    sip line1 auth name: $id_device
    sip line1 user name: $id_device
    sip line1 password: $secret

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    Gerardo Barajas

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