Aastra endpoint configuration

Jun 3, 2008
Hi guys,
I just found something that may be of interest to some of you.
I have been playing with aastra and snom phones and the endpoint provisioning and have found a couple of errors that prevent it from working properly.
There are a few things here so bear with me.
Aastra phones:
When you run the endpoint config and set the phone type to Aastra the config files that are created are named incorrectly.
Firstly the general config file that is created has a filename of aastraxxxxxx.template.cfg (i think, i have over written it so am not 100%) Aastra phones will not see this file and hence not download the settings, it needs to be named aastra.cfg for the phone to pick the settings. You can easily change the template filename in tftpboot and also in /var/www/html/modules/endpoint_configuration/libs/paloSantoFileEndPoint.class.php the section should read
$this->createFileConf($this->directory, "aastra.cfg", $contentFileAatra); instead of aastraxxxxxx.template.cfg.
Secondly when the <MAC>.cfg file is created for the individual phones the mac address is in lower case. This had me pulling my hair out for a while but after setting some logging on the tftp server i saw that the phone was requesting an UPPER case filename.
So to convert the mac to upper case we need to change a couple more things in paloSantoFileEndPoint.class.php

Fisrt add a line to the aastra case to change the mac to upper case, it should read:

if($this->createFileConf($this->directory, strtoupper($ArrayData['data']['filename']).".cfg", $contentFileAastra))
then comment out
$nameFileConf = strtolower($nameFileConf); as it will change it back to lower case again if you dont.
I have also made changes to get the Snom phones working but i will post this later as there are a couple of bugs to iron out.
Hope this makes sense and works out for you, maybe the changes could be made in the next release? Let me know how you get on
Jun 3, 2008
One more thing i forgot to say, you also need to change /var/www/html/modules/endpoint_configuration/libs/vendors/Aastra.cfg in the section for
sip_line1 screen name: $DisplayName
sip_line1 display name: $DisplayName
sip_line1 auth_name: $id_device
sip_line1 user_name: $id_device
sip_line1 password: $secret

It should read
sip line1 screen name: $DisplayName
sip line1 display name: $DisplayName
sip line1 auth_name: $id_device
sip line1 user_name: $id_device
sip line1 password: $secret

Also the files are not deleted when you unset the phone so i will try to work on that but its a minor thing

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